The underlying bitconnect blockchain technology was pioneered by Sunny King, derived from the Satoshi Nakamoto BitCoin source-code and BTC QT interface.

The bitconnect source-code is an evolution of an earlier BitCoin source-code, as-well as; LiteCoin (scrypt), PeerCoin (proof-of-stake & compound UTXO), NovaCoin (proof-of-work & proof-of-stake in-tandem) and ZeroCoin (anonymity). bitconnectX is an evolution of all these blockchains, including bitconnect and the inclusion of a social consensus protocol called  "Proof-Of-Activity", (which is a mix of proof-of-stake & proof-of-work).

Both chains require users to connect and stay connected, in order to win a block reward and/or miner-fee mining reward. This is done with your personal computer or cloud-computing service.


When you run the wallet software your PC becomes full-node capable, a proof-of-stake full-node via the internet. A full-node in cryptocurrency is typically a device / piece of hardware which is enabled by software to generate / hash / mine / sign a block on a blockchain.


In bitconnect world, mining is done for a brief period of time with proof-of-work and then without intensive hardware computation / energy. Overall, mining is done with your coin and time via proof-of-stake mining.

Coin-control within your wallet user interface is integral to harnessing proof-of-stake. Being an active block producing full-node is how you generate blocks consistently (providing you have UTXO's laid in a certain way).

Coin-control enables you to micromanage your coins, enabling you to view all of your chunks of coins. Enabling and using coin-control can be the difference between hitting a block and not, especially on BCCX.

Efficiently managing your UTXO's at some point after mining blocks / halvenings is very important to getting paid for the resources, time, energy and hardware you have put into the blockchain network(s) and participation is key to getting paid mining rewards and keeping a blockchain alive.

In staking, your UTXO coin stacks accrue coinage based interest and that is also calculated as weight, on BCC that grows in scale with the size of that UTXO (within the wallet interface), with an active miner emoji. That UTXO coinage / mining power competes on the network against other UTXO's to mine a block. Your coin, vs someone elses coin, hashing for blocks.



In bitconnect world, you could say time is money. Block rewards and eventually miner rewards are your payment for actively participating. Your UTXO stakes are  kind of floating in the blockchain and the blockchain is floating on the markets (hopefully lol). Everything depends on being connected and the incentive to being connected is the mining reward.

bitconnect blockchain are the same software as BitCoin but they are graphical-user-interface full-nodes which account time (over energy), the 4th dimension. bitconnectX? 4D & 3D, via human on-chain proof of activity (real world mining of a digital blockchain via a proof of stake physical act).

BitConnect Coin / bitconnectCoin is a pure proof of stake blockchain. When blocks are generated, to the best of our knowledge they are locked to 10% interest (based on participation), per 365 days. The greater the participation in the BCC blockchain, the greater the inflation.



BitConnect X / bitconnectX Genesis /  X-Genesis / BCCXGenesis / X is a proof of actvitiy blockchain. When blocks are generated, it seems to be locked to 85% interest, per 365 days but only if you are active. Making a fully mined 2025 BCCX, a bit like BTC in 2120, now. Zero inflation. Proof of activity is a direct combination of proof of work and proof of stake, you prove your stake with an act of work, via BCCX full-node to verify a proof of stake above a certain UTXO threshhold. With bitconnectX, you must maintain a UTXO above 960 to be an active blockchain supporter in blockchain block production.

What is bitconnect?