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PalitanX Will Be Closing

Updated: Nov 23, 2020


It's with great pain that I have to announce that PalitanX will be closing in two weeks on March 28th. I need all customers to withdraw any coins by March 27th please. This was not an easy decision, but it's just not financially responsible to keep the site active as it is just not finished and has been extremely under performing. There will be customer support through the withdrawal process, hopefully. I will always be available on Discord. For those of you that have used and continue to use PalitanX, thank you, I truly appreciate your support and efforts."

"Announcement regarding the announcement.

PalitanX lives to fight another day. I have spent the last two days gaining control of the servers and data base and granting access for a new developer. The site will stay open and functioning while we asses the situation and see where improvements can be made. As always I appreciate the continued support, my DM's have been ringing with ideas and advise from dozens of concerned crypto enthusiasts. Thank you for all the words of encouragement, long live the underdog."

"Update for PalitanX customers

We are in the process of fixing deposit/withdrawal support tickets today. Please check your accounts and send me ANY trxID that has not landed for you.

Deposits are turned off and withdrawals will have support from here on out. As always I thank you for your patience as we go through this restructuring.

I'll need @everyone to withdraw any and all coins from the site please."





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