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Nitro Boosting The bitconnectCoin Community

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Please Consider Discord Nitro Boosting The bitconnectCoin Community If You Have Nitro!

"Nitro subs now have 2 Boosts included with their subscription. Any Nitro sub can now easily unlock Level 1 perks for their favorite server.

We automatically applied this new Boost for you. All servers out there with only one Boost applied previously will see their server level up. Many of you will even see your servers hit Level 2 and 3, unlocking perks like Vanity URLs and Server Banners. Customization is way up across the board.

If you’d like to use your new Boost elsewhere, no worries: We’ve waived the cooldown this time around.

Anyone can Boost. You don’t need a Nitro sub. Just head over to Server Settings to get started.

The number of Boosts you can purchase and servers you can Boost is infinite. Wanna deck out your server fast? Wanna give one Boost to every server you’re in? Meet Multiboosting: Amazing for people who love customizing things and supporting their friends, questionable for people who have no impulse control.

Nitro and Nitro Classic subs get big discounts. Boosts are $4.99/Month, but as a thanks from us for the support, subs get 30% off this price.

Did we mention it’s easier to unlock Level 1? Any Nitro sub can do it with their 2 included Boosts. We’ve shifted Level 2 to 15 Boosts and Level 3 to 30 with these updates. Better get going on those new emoji slots..."



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