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Immutable Peer-To-Peer BlockChains At The Forefront Of Censorship And Political Barriers

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The bitconnect coin communities and the bitconnect coins are no longer dependent on centralized organizations, developers, miners, exchanges, communities, websites, platforms, promoters, solicitation, affiliate programs, speculation and future promises.

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The bitconnect coin communities and the bitconnect coins have moved beyond the failure of the centralized bitconnect platforms, keeping faith in the true autonomous blockchains in all of cryptocurrency, the #bitconnectcoin and the #bitconnectx-genesis blockchain.

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The bitconnect coins are the immutable peer-to-peer blockchains at the forefront of censorship and political barriers all over the earth 🌍 Autonomous self-contained blockchains, providing stability, scalability and reliability for application development on the bitconnect protocols by the bitconnect social network. In the ethos of #bitcoin, #litecoin, #dogecoin and #ravencoin, anyone can contribute, create and change the perspective of software development.

Community Discord: discordapp.com/invite/JxMNabw

Through opposing censorship and demonstrating organic, community driven, open-source software development in the cryptocurrency sphere, the core principles of #bitcoin will be proven decades from its inception.

The mission of the #bitconnect and #bitconnectx communities is to be dependent on nothing. Proving to the world these simple truths, that the inherent features of the bitconnect coins at their most fundamental levels; blockchain autonomies, real full nodes, small blockchain sizes and interest on wallet balances with energy efficient Proof Of Stake #mining, are not only the most simple and self-sovereign first steps into crypto but also the next generation of cryptocurrency as a whole.