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bitconnectX Genesis BlockChain Is Trading

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The bitconnectX Genesis blockchain (from the original GitHub), is trading at the @PirateCash_NET gateway on @bitshares. The next suspected event for this blockchain is after the 8th of October, when outputs under 970 BCCX are expected to group and stake from coin age maturation.

bitconnectX was an initial coin offering and a failed Satoshi 1.0 cryptocurrency blockchain project. Sold by bitconnect in January 2018 and released in March 2018. The original bitconnectX blockchain froze at around block 28060, in July 2018.

BCCX the bitconnectX Genesis coin (known as bitconnectX, BitConnect X, Genesis and X), is a Satoshi 1.0 cryptocurrency blockchain. Created on the 8th Of July 2019, by the miners and believers of the original bitconnectX blockchain.



If you are having issues syncing the BCCX blockchain, please create a config file for your bitconnectX Windows roaming folder. BCCX requires port=33088 and will require all the latest peers from explorer to sync correctly.

Edit 2020: Only UTXO's above 960 BCCX stake






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