Some might say that the  genesis block of this community  was mined when it was announced that BCC was to be de-listed from its final open-market exchange , the TradeSatoshi exchange, and some might say the origins of the bitconnect coin community began later in that same summer of 2018, when the bitconnect coin was saved by the PalitanX exchange... In truth, the bitconnect coin community probably began around late 2016 in the run up to their ICO, across multiple chat rooms, long before most people had ever even heard of bitconnect and the bitconnect coins.

In the summer of 2018, the socially active English speaking bitconnect community was mainly congregated within just two Discord servers, an old bitconnectX mining pool Discord, Trevons'Discord and a little later  a 3rd at Clovers'Discord.  The following few months with everyone were probably the most fun to be had in cryptocurrency; lots of free BCC, debate, laughs and community made media content. There was a real sense camaraderie within BCC, unlike any other coin community. The loss of the functionality of the bitconnect platform had bonded everyone and the injustice was felt by all concerned. Something had to be done for those who had lost the most and that was to lay new foundations in solidifying BCC back into its rightful place within the BitCoin ecosystem.

With a  lot of help from the bitconnect community,  the community took off on a 4th Discord under a different name, DisCordonnect.
Some months on, members began to create their own BCC themed  social media and content and  bitconnectCoin.Info was built, thus creating the beginnings of decentralised communities. From all of which, a genius community member created a  brilliant new brand , the lower-case 'b' for everyone to align themselves under, then a second key member of the community made the brand a reality, with a customised  Satoshi-QT skin for the  BCC wallet, with added features and functionality.

A decentalized community of volunteers,  content creators and software developers  came into existence.
A real decentralised community, which collaborate independently and/or collectively for the same common good,  on the same blockchain.
A community which refused to  be censored, with more bitconnect communities  yet to come.

The bitconnectCoin Community and bitconnectCoin are no longer dependent on centralized organizations, websites, platforms, promoters, solicitation, affiliate programs, speculation and future promises. The bitconnect coin communities and the bitconnect coin themselves have moved beyond the failure of the centralized bitconnect platform., keeping faith in the one true autonomous, efficient, secure, sustainable and decentralized blockchain in all of cryptocurrency, the bitconnect coin.

BCC is the immutable decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain at the forefront of censorship, geographical and political barriers all over the world  🌍 An autonomous self contained blockchain, providing stability, scalability and reliability for application development by community members. In the ethos of BitCoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin and RavenCoin, anyone can contribute, create and change the perspective of software development. Through opposing censorship and demonstrating organic, community driven, open-source software development in the cryptocurrency sphere via bitconnectCore, the core principles of BitCoin will be proven decades from its inception .

The mission of The bitconnectCoin Community is to prove to the world these simple truths, that the inherent features of BCC at its most fundamental level; real full nodes, small blockChain size and interest on wallet balance with energy efficient Proof Of Stake mining, is not only the most simple and self sovereign first step into crypto, but also the next generation of cryptocurrency as a whole.